Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Prepping for Cambodia

First time I brought a foldie into the Men's...

Today was a day of errands for me in preparation for my upcoming Cambodia trip. I decided to test the public transport system in Singapore with the aid of the ever versatile Carry Me micro bike. First stop was at the Canon Centre via bus and MRT to Harbourfront to collect my brand new Ixus 220HS - one of the smallest point and shoot cameras. My old Ixus gave me 3 years of wonderful use until some black spot developed in the lens. Replacing that costs $200, a new one with trade-in special Canon scheme only S$238. A no brainer really!

Then, it was back on the train to North Central Singapore at Serangoon to meet my buddies Mike, TW, Chris, Angkana for lunch. It started to rain but this was no issue in the comfort of the train. 20 mins was all it took and the 1km walk/10 mins was a mere 3 mins whizz on the CM. Lunch with Mike is always a sinful indulgence not that I am complaining and the good Doctor ordered me to try the stewed pork knuckles with rice. It was a lip smacking calorie laden delight and beats sandwiches anytime.

On top of that, he kindly gave me a Bar of Plenty Cadbury Chocolate from NZ! I'm so glad I'm riding bicycles and able to burn off such heavenly food.

The Carry Me needed a special box to be able to fly safely to Cambodia and the nice people at Life Cycles (thanks Simon, Boo and Minzi) arranged for me to have one, and even helped me packed it! They are one of the few bike shops that believe in delighting their customers and I would recommend them highly.

Returning home, I decided to take the bus. Once again, it was no drama as the CM packed weighs only 10.6kg and is compact enough to carry around at bus stops etc

I think I'm all ready to go, bike wise at least! Cambodia, here I come...


明天 said...

all the best for the trip.. enjoy the scenery.. spam yr shutter, eat all the good food meet all the kind souls along the way..
Ride far , ride safe

Michael Khor said...

Mission work? May His choicest blessings go with you ;-))