Saturday, December 10, 2011

A saturday surprise with a Friday

I'm really blessed to know the Koelnspergers these few years. We meet all sorts of friends in our life time but there are those few that somehow become really good friends. Christoph and his family are such. I met his wife 2 months ago and she wanted to get him a really nice birthday present. Chris and I suggested a brand new Bike Friday NWT since he is such an avid tourer and his last new bike was more than 15 years ago.

So began the tedious process of ordering one from the Green Gear Company in Eugene Oregon, and getting it shipped to New York where Cil, who was going there on a biz trip, could bring it back.

The bike arrived in Singapore safely and we had fun opening the beautiful package and assembling it in the aircon comfort of Life Cycle Punggol a week ago. Some tweaks needed to be done but it was not a big fuss for bike genius Chris Wee to come up with brilliant solutions.

The big day finally arrived today and we brought the sparkling black BF into Christoph's apartment. Of course, he was not at home then and the bike was decorated by his wife and daughter - a big ribbon and a German flag.

When he walked in all wet and sweaty from his roller blading session, his eyes lighted up at the new set of wheels staring at him. We of course pounce out of our hiding place and achieved yet another successful birthday surprise!

So my dear buddy Christoph, may I wish you many safe and happy kms on your new Bike Friday. Just be sure to slow down for us every now and then. Nobody could keep up with you on your simple Dahon Curve D3 at Mekong, what hope do we have now with this black steed?

Happy and blessed birthday my dear BFF!


Taiwoon said...

Happy birthday Christophe! :)

PatKhaw said...

Have a great birthday, Chris.
Ride safe.
Pat from Perth

ChrisW said...

Pic quality and colour is amazing !

Joshua said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Vik said...

Great looking new Friday. Good job helping your friend get a quality bicycle!

Safe riding and happy holidays...=-)


Char said...

You're gonna LOVE your Bike Friday! :) :) I have 5 bikes at home, and my Bike Friday is my FAVORITE! :) :) Charmaine

serba serbi perawat said...

hi are you?i am sulton. I am baban's son your friends from indonesia maybe during 1999-2000 you came to my father house.My father always looking for you.