Friday, March 30, 2012

A very patched up tube

After some off road riding last month, my Tikit suffered a front tire puncture. It was the slowest of leaks but eventually, the tire was flat one morning. For some reason, I have used up all my 16" tubes and hence had to patch the tube.

Close inspection revealed lots of tiny prickles that have pierced through the Kojak and I had to take a tweezer to remove at least 7-8 of those nasties. When I eventually had to patch the tube, there were 3 leaks and hence required 3 patches. Anyone who first see the very patched up tube will say I'm a Cheap Charlie but I rather be known as one than not being able to ride my Tikit!


bananamatronix said...

Eeps. Looks like you need to restock on 349 tubes! Aren't they available in Oz? There's an offical BF distro there right?


Taiwoon said...

wah.. I call that eco-friendly!

Oldyonfoldy said...

Diane, no BFs store in Perth. Only Eastern States. Need to bring some tubes fm Spore when I get back next. TW, eco-friendly? More no choice, haha :)