Friday, April 27, 2012

Of men and Brommies

Two foldies in the boot with lots of space to spare.

New and old friends!

It was wonderful to finally meet up with Bro Choong aka Roadwalker this morning! Have not ridden with him for over a year and he showed up in a spanking new white Brompton. We both share a love for white bicycles somehow and Choong being a gifted designer, has his professional reasons for the attributes and beauty a white body offers. His Birdy is also white and his new Brompton came with a matching white Ortelib front bag.

I took the chance to compare the new with my 10 year old Morris Minor Beige Brompton to see what differences there were between the latest and the lastest. Surprisingly, both Bromptons rode very similarly and the only two main features I noticed were the different hub noise when gliding and the better brakes the new Brommie had, which I'm sure is a much needed feature. I supposed there is much truth in the saying, "When it ain't broke, don't change it."

I was delighted too that YC whom I met in our recent Taiwan trip came along for the ride, having cycled all the way from Bishan some 18km away to meet us at the East Coast Park. Our usual kakis, Keong, Richard and Ricky were there as well so it was a big posse today riding together in a most beautiful morning of cool sea breezes and not so hot sunshine. It was low tide as we past Changi Beach so my camera was not busy.

Our usual Indian breakfast dragged on really long today as there seemed to be so much to share and we didn't finish till past 10am. I quickly popped into Changi Cycling Service to buy more lights, this time white ones to bring back to Perth. These are 4 for US$8 and the best buy of the century I reckon. Our ride back to ECP ended all too soon and its amazing how time flies when we were just cycling, talking and laughing. What impressed me were 3 quality small wheeled bikes that came in opposite direction, an Orange Brompton, a Blue Bike Friday Ticket and a chrome Alex Moulton. Testament of the affluence in cash rich Singapore.

Keong was kind enough to drive us to Serangoon where we met Papa Mike and Matt C for a most calorie laden lunch of stewed pork knuckle and pork rib soup. This was after a delicious plate of roast pork rice in another coffeeshop. I was so glad we paid our dues by riding 32km before our culinary indulgence.

Returning home, I caught the train and the bus back with YC and it was here that I really appreciated the versatility that our foldies give. A most special day with good men and the ever reliable Brommie.

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