Sunday, April 14, 2013

A scooter made for foldies - Sym Joyride Evo 200i

Although most countries in the world allow folding bikes into their trains at any time, especially when they are bagged, the MRT in Singapore allows foldies only from 930am - 4pm, and after 8pm on weekdays. This has been a source of much unhappiness as some foldies take less space than a baby stroller (which has no restrictions).

I believe in looking for alternative solutions to transporting my foldies around and not just gripe. Thus, I was absolutely delighted when I came across a most unique scooter from Taiwan, the land of bicycles. The Sym Joyride Evo 200i scooter! Trust them to design a scooter with a flat floor so that big bags or foldies can be carried safely on the floor board. Apparently, many airline crew ride this scooter because it can put a cabin size bag easily, and parking for scooters at Changi airport is only US$1 a day! I measured the footwell and confirm it will swallow a folded Brompton with no problems and was thrilled!

It comes with all the modern technology offered today including EFI system, ceramic coated piston, 4 valve head, CVT transmission, halogen headlights and a huge under-seat storage that can take a full size helmet plus a half style helmet. With a top speed of 125km/h, it will handle the expressways safely and offers 34km/l fuel economy.

I'm very close to taking the plunge now....

Update 16 Apr 2013 - Sym Combiz

Further research shows that Sym has a particular model to carry loads and it is the Combiz. Its a 125cc workhorse and its unique feature is even bigger floorspace and a rear seat that can fold up to become a huge load carrier. This means it can carry 2 foldies! Amazing. Unfortunately, its design is rather utilitarian and won't make for an exciting ride.

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