Monday, January 7, 2008

Off to Riau - Kundur/Karimun

Me zipping thru Karimun 1994 - Pic courtesy of Chris Wee

An unexpected slot of free time presented itself this week. Coupled with an unscratched itch for some adventure, I roped in my 'always game' cycling buddies Chris and Paul and we decided to pay the Indonesian Riau Islands of Karimun and Kundur a visit this Wed. It is cycling paradise with quiet roads, deserted beaches and scenic countrysides.

It was in the 93/94 that I last cycled Karimun and that was the first trip I did with Chris. We were swinging singles then. He was the cool and crazy organiser and still is... so I guess this is a sort of homecoming trip for Chris and I. Although we are now happily married, our love for cycling to exotic places remain the same. But this time, instead of Mountain Bikes, we shall be riding Foldies. Chris will be riding his KHS Cuppacino, Paul his new Dahon Curve D3 and I my faithful Dahon Speed 8 with the all terrain Big Apple tires.

A Dutch cyclist Jan Boonstra has compiled a very useful map (he is a cartographer) of the region while he was staying here. Thanks Jan! Check it out:

For the uninitiated, Karimun attracts a lot of Ah Peks, Datuks and Uncles (senior citizens) pumped up on Viagra over the weekends. So we plan to return on Friday less we get mistaken for the Viagra Brigade.

Off to the 3rd world for some 1st world cycling! Lets ride - bicycles that is.

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ChrisW said...

Yes heading south for once. I believe the islands are more crowded with new migrants, but getting pics of the kampongs, stilt houses, shipyards and slow pace of life will be a treat.