Wednesday, May 11, 2011

3 Men and a Lady @ Mandurah

Rod's well used bike - 9000km

It was great to have Celia join us for our bi-monthly 50km ride in Mandurah. The last time she came the hills winded her and she ended up having coffee at The Jolly Frog Café (abt 21km mark). This time with the Bolaven Plateau, Laos under her belt (done in Jan), Celia took the hills with aplomb and had no trouble keeping up with us men, well almost no trouble.

After Singapore’s hot and sticky weather, it was absolutely refreshing to ride in 15c cool morning along the fabulous coastline of Mandurah. Being 3 weeks to Winter, the waters were noticeably rougher and watching huge swells crashing onto the beach provided for spectacular entertainment.

I saw a couple loading up their horses after a ride on the beach and it reminded me of the great lifestyle this part of the world offers.

Indeed, Mandurah is an ideal place for retirees and we saw many of them just soaking in the beauty, tranquility and space. Some were walking with friends chatting away, others taking their dogs for a walk and we met our elderly gentleman friend on his electric bicycle comfortably seated next to the water edge, reading.

As usual, we enjoyed great conversations among mates and we are all excited about our upcoming Mekong ride in July.

But before that, we want to take advantage of the great weather Perth offers and hope to plan a local overnight ride somewhere interesting.

Ken took the Brompton for the first time and he remarked how rigid and responsive it felt compared to his MTB, though the steering felt very light to him.

On the other hand, I found his MTB very hard to steer, having been used to the Brompton. What happen to the power steering?

All in, a delightful morning well spent for 3 men and a lady on bicycles.

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