Monday, May 9, 2011

A folding vote

Last Saturday 7 May was polling day in Singapore. Expecting huge crowds, I popped my Carry Me into the boot and drove to the Yusok Ishak School, my designated voting centre. The traffic police were there to ensure there were no illegal parking which got many drivers scrambling to their cars.

I dropped my family at the school and parked at a nearby housing estate 800m away. It didn't help that the weather was uncomfortably hot and to have had walk the distance would turned me into a drowned rat. Whisking the CM out of the car and unfurling it took just 30 sec, and it was an easy 5 min cycle ride.

I felt smirkish passing all the cars trying desperately to find a park. Locking the bike against a lamp post, I was all ready to vote.

Like many of my mates, I did my civic duty and rode back to the car. The CM saved all of us a long walk in the heat and voting with foldies can truly be so convenient!


ChrisW said...

I have a burning question, who did you vote for ?
And did the powers that be, not allow your CM into the voting centre for fear of....what ever ??

Oldyonfoldy said...

I voted for the party that will serve Spore well! As for bringing bikes into voting centres, it was a no no. The fear factor is still prevalent in some quarters if you know what I mean...