Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pacific Carry Me review

The late Paul Lim on a Pacific Carry Me 8" bicycle on dirt road.

30km/h if you spin hard!

In 2007, I wrote a review for the CarryMe 8" bicycle. I forgot all about this and chanced upon it when I was researching for pictures I needed for my late friend Paul Lim.

It got translated into Chinese and is featured in one of the Pacific bicycle website for the Chinese market. If you can read Chinese, here it is. I have no idea where my original copy of the English version is at this moment. Apologies. So this brief one has got to do for now.

This fascinating bike is designed by Mr George Lin, Chairman of Pacific Cycles. I had the chance to ride with this esteem bicycle engineer in 2007. He showed up in this strange mini-wheeled contraption, wheeling it right out of the MRT station much to everyone's amazement.

After a quick test ride, I was shocked that it rode so well. That got me hooked and I now have 2 CMs in my fold, a red and a white. I take it overseas regularly and one feature that it really does supremely well is its ability to carry a full size standard cabin luggage bag on its generous rack. This is engineering design at its best!

Moreover, the Carry Me is the perfect bike for multi-modal commuting. Boarding trains, buses etc is a breeze as it weighs only 8kg and folds up to a footprint that embarrasses even the reigning compact champion, The Brompton. Mind you, at 1/3 the price too!

Downsides? Only 2 I can think of. There is a weight limit of 85kg and it is single speed though a Dual Speed version (more a downhill gear than anything) is available.

The CM surprised me way back in 2007, and still does today. Try it and I bet you will surely be impress!

*More here about the CM at CGOAB on a short tour and there is now an e-version as well of the Carry Me. This is where you can find out more about Pacific bikes in Singapore.


Mr Blogger Content said...

Folding bike by CarryMe have new color.
- Sky Blue
- Tangerine
- Lime Green

Unknown said...

looking for 2nd hand carry me..