Monday, May 9, 2011

Fold it, pack it, GO!


Come mid-July, 8 of us will be hitting the scenic Mekong River in Thailand/Lao border for a 220km ride. As I would basically be returning to Spore and flying off to Thailand with very little time to spare, I decided to prepare my 2 Bike Fridays for travel.

It was quite easy fitting the Expedition into the regular Samsonite F'Lite. However, squeezing the rear rack in was challenging. A few experiments and I finally found the best way to put it in. I've travelled with the BFs this way several times and this truly is the best way to go. Being in the suitcase give the bikes a very important stealth status at airports, avoiding all sorts of unnecessary charges while offering peace of mind, security and ample protection.

Fold it, pack it, go. Viva la Bike Fridays.


Taiwoon said...

viva la Flamingo too! Can't wait...wooohooo

Oldyonfoldy said...

Indeed, viva la anything that can be enjoyed on our upcoming Mekong ride :)