Monday, June 6, 2011

Bringing Brommy to Wave Rock, Hyden

6 of us decided to spend the long Foundation Day holiday weekend with a drive eastwards towards the famous Wave Rock at Hyden. I've visited 13 years ago and was not too impressed with this tourist attraction then. But since my Brommy has never been there, that was a good enough reason to drive 4-5 hrs, 350km to see that rock. It was also the first time for my friends so I decided to organise the trip and we drove in a comfortable Toyota Avensis MPV.

The drive was actually quite beautiful and its amazing how vast and huge the state of Western Australia is.

It helped that everyone brought along lots of coffee, cake, fruit and snacks and that was enjoyed during our stops in quaint small towns of Brookton, Corrigin and Kondinin. We checked into the Wave Rock Resort where stayed in a 2 bedroom newish chalet with full facilities. It was great it had effective heating too as it dropped to 5c overnight.

Our first evening visit started from Hippo Yawn and thereabout a short 2-3km walk though the magnificent bush to the Wave Rock. I pushed my foldie along the path as it would save the party from walking back as I could cycle to get the car. It was a pretty fun ride.

The lightning unfortunately was cloudy and deary so it was a disappointing time for photos.

Early next morning when it was still a cold 10c, I decided to cycle to the Wave Rock from the resort and it proved extremely enjoyable although the 15 min ride ended too soon. We were rewarded with brilliant sunlight which brought out the earth-tone colors of the rock and had a marvellous time snapping away.

I also chanced it and rode the Brompton to the Rock itself for the sake of getting a more interesting video. Apologies for the shakes as the path was not exactly smooth. Please do not watch with a full stomach!

After my camera got its fill, I went for a walkabout or rather, a "rideabout" to explore the surroundings. Brommy was fortunate to see its first kangaroo after being in Australia for 2 years and I was very glad the meeting seemed cordial.

The thought of cycling the long way back to Perth did cross my mind but perhaps, it is best saved for another adventure.

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Taiwoon said...

what a lovely place! The video was really cool!