Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pedalling to "Korea"

A good friend who runs the Phill Bean Korean Restaurant in Shelley Hub needed some urgent help tonight as she was short of staff. It was the perfect reason to go out for a bike ride and capture the beauty of the setting sun. Winter can be deary as the sun sets at a very early 540pm. A quick skip across Leach Highway and I was along the Shelly Foreshore bike path.

This ride never disappoints with its delightful river charm. I rode past two men fly fishing, a couple of kayakers, saw someone water sking and many joggers with their dogs in tow. It was also therapeutic to see a Pelican glide along the river and I have even seen dolphins here before. Such is the rich wildlife of this place and I cannot believe its at least 15km from the sea as the crow flies.

The 5km ride ended too soon. I performed the Brommy magic and placed the package at a corner of the restaurant, totally invisible.

One of the kitchen hand rides a bicycle too and she has to park it outside, at the risk of it getting nicked. No such problems with a foldie!

One of the perks in helping a friend out in a restaurant is that she always let me try all the wonderful dishes Phill Bean serves. Its great that at least I had a mini-work out to ease the guilt. I was wanting to ride back but being blessed with food to take home and no panniers, the kind boss drove me home with Brommy in the boot. She remarked, "Wow, your bike is so small".

Getting to eat delectable Korean food and riding along awesome scenery is life as good as it gets. I hope she calls me again to "Korea".


omegaforest said...

can I work here to earn my meals too when I visit Perth?lol

Oldyonfoldy said...

Annyong haseyo Matt! Of course, pls come. The food is very shiok la... when can u start? :)