Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It fits!

After our regular ride today to Pt Walter, K came over to my house to see what is the best way to pack his folder for our upcoming Thai Mekong ride in 3 weeks time.

I remembered an old suitcase with airline approved dimensions I had in the shed. Removing the seat post and the 2 wheels, we were pleasantly surprised that the Ventura fitted straight into the suitcase with no worries. However to be extra safe, I suggested dismantling the RD and wrapping it up in bubble wrap, just to be sure. It took all of 5 mins to put everything together again.

Looks like K is all set to go because it fits!

ps: Those of you going for the trip, I hope you have practised packing your folder. Mine is all set and ready to go!


Taiwoon said...

congrats on the Ventura and it fits the luggage case! It got triple chain ring front right? I got one in cool baby blue for my bro-in law... Plus pannier and rack!

Oldyonfoldy said...

May I confirm, does it take Dahon rack?

ChrisW said...

Bro, the free range eggs sticker is from my 2007 trip to Perth. The case fits a Brompton and much more, besides eggs.

Taiwoon said...

Bro Al, I bought the ibera pannier and rack for Axis cycles. For Dahon rack.. I not sure. ... but a bi of bugding and bending can sure work