Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Have you Da Brim?

While wearing a helmet is always a good idea when cycling, most helmets although providing excellent safety protection fail to provide sun protection. The peak even of MTB helmets is usually not long enough to shade the eyes, and I end up wearing a cap inside the helmet. While this works, it can be very hot especially in the tropical heat where I am now.

My good friend KC introduced me to this ingenious product - Da Brim. It is basically an outer layer that connects snugly to the helmet offering almost an umbrella like covering around the head. With this, its supposed to do away with sunscreen and offers a cool ride. Sounds too good to miss so I ordered two, a yellow for me and a blue one for the missus.

I collected my Da Brim yesterday from Diane and got it fitted onto my helmet. Very easy to mount and I was impressed at how snug it stays. Took it out for a 9km ride this evening to test it and first impressions are favorable.

Its not very heavy although you are aware of its presence. As far as providing shade is concern,  I have to give it top marks. It does the job marvelously and fulfills its claim. Because of its unique appearance, liken to wearing a big Australian Akubra Hat, it does attract a lot of attention. This can be a good thing or not but certainly, my bright yellow rim gives wonderful visibility on the road. Its a bit of a novelty I suppose but this is a case of function over form.

One thing I discovered soon about the Da Brim is that it has a lot of wind resistance. Anything above 30km/h, your helmet starts to lift. It didn't help that I was on my super fast Dahon Speed Pro and I had to deliberately ride slower. However for touring at 20-25km/h, it is fine so I don't think Da Brim will be too popular with the weight weenie roadies anytime soon.

I shall be trying it out on a 300km Riau Islands ride tomorrow which promises lots of sun and thunderstorms. Stay tune for the long distance/touring report but I can say I'm quite happy with it, for now.


Unknown said...

Hiz, i am interested in the following Da Brim too. Mind to check where can i buy it?

Unknown said...

the following is my email

Oldyonfoldy said...

Hi Tang. U can buy it online here - http://www.dabrim.com/