Thursday, December 27, 2012

Malaria alert in Batam, Indonesia - Dec 2012

Just want to put up a health alert for those planning to cycle the Riau Islands, especially Barelang Highway in Batam. We have 3 friends who have been infected with Facliparum Malaria. Sadly, one is in critical condition and our prayers are with him. This is no ordinary Malaria as it can be 100% fatal if not treated and even with treatment, 20% still die from it.

We were fortunate to be given Doxycyline before the trip and it seems to have worked as none of our Dream Team riders got Malaria. So grateful to our dear friend Papa for saving our lives.

So please be vigilant when you ride to less beaten tracks, do your homework especially any health advisory and take any precautions necessary. Riding safe involves more than a helmet, lights and bright clothes!

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