Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bromptons flooding Asia!

It was good to read in the UK newspaper, The Telegraph, how popular the Brompton has been in the East in its article "The Freewheeling success of a British bike brand in Asia." Sales 11 years ago was only 2 mil pounds, and now it has grown amazingly to 21 mil. What accounts for the phenomenal growth?

I reckon its got to do with growing affluence in Asia and a need for recreational mobility. What makes Brompton succeed in my books is chiefly its amazing compact design. So small it fits into any nooks and corners of a small apartment. Where space is always a premium in congested Asian cities, the Brompton rules, folded or unfolded.

Pic fm FB I love my Brompton Group

Credit must be given to its marketing where it is cleverly offered with lots of custom colors and accessories such that no 2 Bromptons will be the same. Also with social media, the mushrooming of Brompton Clubs all over Asia has filled the need for people to get together and enjoy their Bromptons over food, day rides. and even touring holidays. A quick search on Facebook will reveal a string of Brompton clubs all over the world including the Brompton Riders ASEAN Group as well as the Brompton Riders @ SG (Spore).

My personal love affair with the Brompton and foldies started in 2006 when I saw one in Hanoi, Vietnam. After a long and hot walk to pay respects to President Ho Chih Min, I was cooling down in a cafe sipping my drink when a European bloke whizzed in on a Brompton. He folded it and entered the cafe, chucked the folded package under the table. Moments later after downing his cappuccino, he unfurled it and disappeared into the streets. I knew I found my salvation for transport.

Glad more people are getting to love the fold!

*Thanks Diane for sharing this with us on LCSG and yr great pic of your friends in a cafe in Manila, Phillipines. Her excellent blog Unfold and Cycle is worth a peek.

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