Thursday, August 25, 2016

Don't be punctured by punctures

Forest Gump’s famous words about life and how it is like a box of chocolates in some ways, reflect the experience of touring. You truly do not know what or when you are going to get them, especially in the mysterious world of punctures. For unknown reasons, they happened at the most unexpected moments despite our best efforts. Yes, using tires with puncture guard protection do help to an extend and perhaps even using better tubes or the best rim tape. Though it happen 2 years ago, I still cannot believe it when my Schwalbe Supreme, deemed to have the best race guard technology, exploded on me at Khao Lak when it went over some sharp metal.

If we are honest, punctures still belong to the world governed by Murphy and his quirky laws. That being the case, it is so important to take these annoying aspect of cycling with an open and positive spirit. As one of my good cycling buddy shared, these are wonderful opportunities for the team to catch their breath and not get too worked up over it. Over the years I have toured with many different people and most just laugh about it, get it fixed and roll on in every sense of the word. Yet there are those who are somewhat affected by punctures and get upset and riled up when these are mentioned.

If you are in this camp, take heart. Punctures will always attract all sorts of comments, the good and the bad, the kind and maybe the not so kind and thus, it helps not to take them too seriously. In all touring adventures, punctures are part and parcel of the game and in our recent FSTR ride, 3 foldies were affected, one twice. George always the eternal optimist, who had that honour, laughed about it and said “No issue la!”

While I don’t wish for punctures to happen to anyone, the only way to prevent it really is to stop cycling altogether. I choose like George to just go along with it and take these Murphy breaks to offer mate-ship and help. Getting a flat is inevitable and can be fixed easily with a new tube or some glue and a patch. Like battle scars, be proud of them. It tells the world you are actually out there cycling unlike those keyboard cyclist whose only experience with punctures sadly, is virtual and imagined.

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