Friday, April 11, 2008

He needs reporting, he does!

PC Goon - The Five Find Outers 1947 Enid Blyton

SGA 832A - the one that got away, for now.

As with every fisherman who has a fishing story, we cyclists too have our versions. But more than ego boosting "the one that got away" ones, ours in Singapore will most likely be, "the one that nearly killed me". And so my story begins...

On my last 72km Sumatra training ride along Dunearn Road, I was riding happily with Paul cruising at 25kmh when a big black SUV cut into our lane suddenly and stopped in his tracks. We had to jam our brakes to avoid flying into his rear windscreen. Thank God for His protection and powerful LX V-brakes! The purpose of his reckless manouveour - to drop off his precious MGS princess at the overhead pass. It was clear that he was aware of our presence as Mr Inconsiderate did not allow her royal highness to come out of the Korean Bentley for a good 30 secs, waiting to see if it was safe - from us that is. Meanwhile, I was stuck behind him and so were other vehicles.

Obviously, the driver does not consider bicycles on the road to be part of traffic. He did not apologise but sped off nonchalantly. Paul is fuming mad and is planning to wait for this idiot next week at the same time, same place 0715 to take a photo and show his "displeasure". And Paul can look menacing... As much as I would like to join him, I will be on the plane enroute to Medan at that time.

In the famous words of PC Theophilus Goon, the goofy policeman in Enid Blyton's 5 Find-Outers (I love this series and still do), that driver "needs reporting, he does!". Hope he will soon hear from the Traffic Police.


Gene said...

i get that quite often in malaysia as well, when cyclists are not seen as part of the traffic. It's safe here in australia though =). Just thank God that you didn't crash into him. (imagine the commotion that mr. inconsiderate would cause, LOL)

Oldyonfoldy said...

As cyclists, our only protection is visibility. Bright jerseys, lights etc but even though Mr Inconsiderate saw us, he still drove dangerously.

I have ridden twice in Malaysia and found the drivers gracious towards cyclists as compared to here :(