Friday, April 18, 2008

Watching laundry dry in scenic Tuk Tuk

Loading our steeds for an easy cruise to Samosir Island

The lovely Samosir Cottages - highly recommended

Great food too!

HKBP Batak Church, almost omnipresent due to the work of Ludwig Nommenson, 1850s

Batak King burial ground

Only in this part of Indonesia do these magnificent style of roof exists...

Some things in life cannot be rushed - laundry

We cycled 2km to catch the morning ferry to Samosir Island. This island is as big as Singapore and it even has a small lake in the central highlands. After yesterday's hard ride, today we played the tourist. It was so relaxing cruising Lake Toba on the ferry on the mirror smooth waters surrounded by majestic highlands shrouded with clouds.

Our ferry dropped us right at the Samosir Cottages doorstep. This hotel is our best so far, only 110,000 RP with a view to die for. With a dive board that went straight into the lake, I could not resist a splash in. Spacious rooms, hot water that came from the shower, firm beds and a restaurant that served satisfying food. We are contemplating staying here longer but Chris had promised to all his fans at Crazy Guy on a Bike a trip to Sibolga, a town on the other side of Sumatra Island and our end point.

Did an evening cycle where we visited the famous grave sites of the ancient kings in Tomak but were pestered by all the shop touts. Good thing we could make a quick getaway on our bikes. We also enjoyed a wonderful deep tissue massage that my sore legs badly needed. Problem was the massage oil used was coconut based and I ended up smelling like 'Kuay Doldol' - a delicious Malay cake.

We took advantage of the beautiful sunny weather and did our laundry. Just sitting and relaxing on our room's balcony and watching our laundry dry, with stunning views is about as good as life can get. These are blessings we must savour and appreciate.

Arh, this is THE life!

PS - Unfortunately, our neighbours decided to hold a rock party guitar singing and all at night that didn't stop till 4am. Bummer...

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