Friday, June 27, 2008

Joy & pain captured - CH to Gua Musang ride

If your idea of bicycle joy is cycling fast without pedalling, hitting over 60kmh over a stretch of 24km, then you will love flying down the Cameron Highlands/Gua Musang highway. You can see how well made and wide the excellent roads are. A tandem with its heavier weight has been known to hit over 80kmh, and its safe. Add in nearly zero traffic, this is as good as it gets!

But what comes after the 24km downhill ride as mentioned earlier, is endless rolling hills, one after another. They seem to be wickedly engineered to torture you into submission and exhaustion, as can be seen in this video. Ideally, one should have a support vehicle that will bring you up those long hills and you just ride the downhills. But for those keen on "suffer-fest", it could be your cup of tea! Be warned, this is an absolutely deserted stretch, no mobile phone coverage and no drink stalls till 75km mark.

*Kena tekan - a malay euphemism for getting tortured.

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