Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sunrise and sunset in the Highlands

1600m above sea level! Cool and nice.

Dahon Speed 8, Birdy Monocoque & Dahon Curve D3
Different brands, happy friends...

Boh Tea Plantation, estb 1929

Equatorial - bike friendly!

England in Malaysia?

10 finger lemon - cute!

I got a great sense of satisfaction loading our 3 bagged foldies into the surprisingly small luggage hold of the coach to Cameron Highlands. It fitted snugly and so did we - in big comfortable seats. That made the 500+km long journey relatively painless. Leaving Golden Mile at Beach Rd punctually at 1030pm, the big bus cruised smoothly through the night. It was fun talking about anything and everything with Roadwalker and Paul, until I drifted unconsciously into the night.

The familiar swaying and groaning of the bus around sharp bends woke me up. It was about 7am that we began our ascent up the winding roads to our destination. There is something magical about being closer to the heavens and seeing the first light illuminating the magnificient hills and valleys. A light drizzle made it all the more beautiful. Stepping out of the bus, we were greeted with cold, fresh 15c air that woke us up better than the best coffee brew. Without any warm clothing, our teeth were chattering.

Equatorial Hotel, 4km further up from the highest town Brinchang, welcomed us and our bagged bikes warmly. At 1600m high, it is the highest hotel in terms of altitude and many say in attitude (very customer and bike friendly). This is a good place to stay if you are in the Highlands though it could be a bit far to walk to town. Fortunately, this was not a big issue for us. We had small wheels.

A bit of a rest and we wasted no time to explore the brilliant highlands. Being the first day after the mad school holiday rush, Cameron Highlands was delightfully quiet and that made for a very pleasant visit. RW felt a bit winded by the hills but soon got used to it. We visited the Robertson Rose Garden (a very helpful Mr Muthu proudly showed us his impressive flowers), the Boh Tea planatation (closed on Mondays) and a Watercress farm. This is Vegetable Heaven and everything green thrives here. Naturally, fresh greens and fruits abound and we enjoyed sumptous meals with all sorts of veggies. Charcoal steamboat (a hot pot where you cook all sorts of fresh veggies and meats) is a must try here and our ride back from dinner in the dark was a bit scary but exciting.

A long but amazing day indeed, up in the heavens.
You alone are the Lord. You made the skies and the heavens and all the stars. You made the earth and the seas and everything in them. You preserve them all, and the angels of heaven worship you. Nehemiah 9:6

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