Sunday, June 1, 2008

A true story about Foldinitis

Once upon a time on a Saturday afternoon, there was a man who got smitten with a disease - Foldinitis. Keong caught it riding a few days ago with a group of foldie riders along ECP, no thanks to me. He was surprised how well quality folding bikes rode and completed 32km with a large grin and a slightly sore bottom. Then, a certain restlessness descended upon poor him - a very typical symptom.

Fortunately, the solution was simple. A trip to the local Dahon Clinic (aka Speedmatrix) soon confirmed that yes, it was indeed Foldinitis and a cure was at hand. I, a long time sufferer, prescribed the brand new 08 Vitesse D7 priced at a reasonable S$850. A test ride soon saw Keong smiling again. It came in Obsidian Black which Keong loved and was happy to wait for his 55th birthday present to arrive in 10 days. An upgrade to the cushy Schwalbe Big Apple tires, Dahon touring rack and lights was recommended and Keong's VISA sealed the deal.

The Vitesse is Dahon's mid range aluminium foldie and is a value for $ buy. It rides surprisingly well and weighs a respectable 11.3kg only. A recent shootout conducted by AutoExpress saw the Vitesss beating other more expensive foldies like Birdy and Brompton (one may argue - what do car guys know about foldies?).

I have to stop infecting people with Foldinitis! Opps, too late. Another friend I invited to the Clinic brought home a Curve D3 as well. Its a bad habit that I can't seem to control. But seeing how it brings people together in the great outdoors, improves *personal fitness, and doing its green bit for our world, it may very well be a "good" disease worth catching.

With Foldinitis, we can all live a little bit healthily and happily ever after.
*Do check out the impressive SGH LIFE Centre if you are serious about improving your health. Focus is on lifestyle disease management & prevention using holistic treatments. Keong went and was very impressed, and a visit led him to take up cycling seriously.


ChrisW said...

Foldinitis, Surlynitis....what good infections we spread!

Unknown said...

I tried the 2008 Vitesse too! Very nice ride. With Big Apples, would rock even more, I'm sure.

Highly recommended mid-range bike, that one.

Hi said...

How much does it cost to outfit the Vitesse with big apples?

Oldyonfoldy said...

In Spore, its abt US$70 for a pair.

Hi said...

Cool I'll think about it.