Wednesday, May 9, 2012

30 mins of sun in the rain

Bro Paul "rode" with us too!

Early morning ride today with Ken C paid off handsomely as we enjoyed a rare spot of sunlight. So uncommon these few days as winter approaches and it has rain incessantly for a week. We did an early morning ride starting at 7am and ending at 830am along Canning River towards Fern Bridge and back. Road was wet and it was a chilly 13c but we had fun.

It always helps when riding with a good friend, enjoying great conversations. The 9km to the bridge went by quickly and we were rewarded with a short blessing of sunlight that made my camera very happy. We enjoyed a conversation with a kayaker and the stillness of the water was like a beautiful mirror. Found out that one can get started for just $400 and it goes up to $3000-$4000 for a carbon fibre kayak. Sounds about right and similar to our foldies.

Ken C was kind enough to bring along a hot flask of coffee and TWO cups. If anything else, I appreciate kindness and generousity very much. Admiring the beautiful view of mirror-like water, birds playing on the foreshore, seeing a kayak gliding through the water all highlighted by the quiet orange hue of the morning sun with hot coffee in hand cannot but be a most special moment.

Riding back however, we were caught in the rain. A light drizzle fortunately but it made things really cold. Still, the pics I shot made every drop that came down worth it because of the 30 min of sun that we enjoyed.

Shots done on a Canon IXUS 220 - very compact PHD camera (Press here dummy!)

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