Thursday, May 3, 2012

Better than walking and cycling?

I've been suffering from knee pain lately due to too much cycling. Being married to a Prof in Physio, I've been getting a earful about letting my knee rest but I'm like a puppy that needs to go for a run, I mean ride. No riding for 4 weeks, you got to be kidding! So what is the solution?

My nephew Nick, a personal trainer and physio student, recently brought this to my attention. Introducing the Elliptigo. Its like a bike only it incorporates running style gait to power the bike. The inventor Bryan Pate's words hit me like a nail, "low impact" and one of the users said the magic word, "no joint pain". For people with degenerative spine, this could be the workout solution as well. It is also in a sense, a weight bearing exercise, good for those who suffer from Osteoporosis.

It seems to incorporate the best of both worlds, running and cycling. I'm not much of a runner but this could just work. "Running" using wheels to help. You go faster and further using the same muscles and energy. Sounds like a deal from heaven. But its not cheap at US$2499 but what do they say about good things and its relationship with price again?

Now, where do I test one?


Joshua said...

there is one at LifeCycle, Gemmill Lane but not sure if still there.. Tried it once but could not get used to it. Really a workout!!

Oldyonfoldy said...

Wow Josh, Cil wd love to hv a try :)