Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A new friend & new wheels

Long gloves needed for the cold!

On our usual Wed ride this morning, we had the honour of having Pete with us. I met him a few days ago when my nephew bought an almost brand new Honda PCX scooter from him. Pete sold it as he just acquired a sparkling Kawasaki W800 retro motorcycle and we got along so well as both love anything on 2 wheels, with or without motor. I was honoured that LTF somewhat inspired him to take his bicycle out of hibernation after 18 months. He was reading it for 2 days! Thus, he had had to cycle with us today.

Yes, it was a freezing 8c this morning but the 5 of us enjoyed the warmest fellowship ever on our saddles. I have not ridden with Uncle Ken for a while and am glad he has recovered enough from his spinal problem to join us today. Our ride to Pt Walter seemed too short as the 17km whizz by so quickly. Caught up with Rod too and enjoyed that. It was a glorious morning with the sun burning off the cold and the skies as blue as I have ever seen.

We had a lot of fun too playing "fetch" with a most intelligent dog. Would you believe he could throw the ball back to you? Watch this video.

We 5 boys total more than 290 years in age and the party spilled over to my home where we continued our yakking over Ken C's Pidemco e-bike as well as the test riding it. The almost new Honda PCX scooter was also not spared and I was amused to see everyone so excited over boys' toys. I made a simple lunch of chicken curry which we all woofed down.

I had to shoo everyone home at 1230pm as I had to go collect my new car today - a VW Golf hatchback 6 speed manual. It is extremely fuel efficient claiming 6.2l/100km and its turbo engine makes it a joy to drive. But most of all, it can carry 3 foldies with 3 adults!

New friend and new wheels. What a glorious day it was today indeed !!!

This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!  Psalm 118:24


Taiwoon said...

Nice work to get another chap on a bicycle. Very soon I think he will be asking u on foldies... haha

Oldyonfoldy said...

Bro Taiwoon, your comments are prophetic! Bro Pete not only got a Tern P24 but another one for his wife. He joined us for Cambodia-Vietnam in Jan 13 and has never looked back!