Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ridekick your bike!

I've been toying with the idea of an e-bike for a while and been looking at what's available in the market. The Ridekick seems very interesting. Its an extremely out of the box innovative e-trailer and is absolutely brilliant. The concept is a powered rear trailer that pushes the bicycle with its powerful 500w motor and has a storage capacity of over 40 litres. Its not expensive at US$700 and fits on any bikes, from the micro Carry Me to a full size Surly LHT tourer. I can certainly identify with the climber in the video especially if you have to climb 3275m up Wulin mountain in Taiwan.

Another advantage is that it is vague in its classification as its technically not an e-bike, being unconnected to the bicycle per se. I suspect it sneaks under those strict e-bike laws and requirements for now but don't quote me on this! When its not on power mode, its just like any quiet "normal" bike trailer.

The range however seems limited at 20km or so but there is a long range 40km Lithium battery in the pipeline. Imagine touring with this. A new toy for 2012 perhaps? I'm watching this very closely indeed.

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Dee said...

Hello and thank you for the mention in your blog! We're aiming to have Ridekick trailer distribution in Australia by November...just in time for beautiful summer weather.

Dee Wanger
Co-owner at Ridekick International