Monday, May 7, 2012

Fun in the wet with Matt

Pic by Matt C

Its a great joy to have my buddy from Singapore Matt and his lovely family stay over at my house these few days. J and their two very adorable kids sure add life to my home and I enjoy Megan and baby Morgan so much.

This morning we decided to do a short 14km ride around the Canning River, a must do for my overseas cycling friends as I love to show off Perth's excellent bike paths.

We planned to leave at 7am but it began to pour. The weather has been unkind for cyclists the last few days but we were determined to go. As soon as the rains eased, we were off. Matt loved the stability of the Big Apple front tire on the Speed Pro as he snapped lots of pics and did a lot of one hand riding.

I had not ridden my Tikit for a while and appreciated the very well seasoned Brooks B17. I was in 7th heaven on this amazing frisky Bike Friday.

Although it was wet and a bit chilly at 15c, it was absolutely refreshing to be out riding with spectacular views of the river. Our mudguards did their job in keeping us dry and it was special to see the sun break out of the dark clouds. Matt is an excellent photographer with a good eye for details and kept his camera busy all the way. I can't wait to see his pics, but meanwhile, here are some of my shots.

We were home by 930am and it felt so good to be out riding again even though it was a bit wet. Always fun on a bike, even more so with good mates.

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