Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Going to Cambodia, again!

Every Dec since 2003, I have been going to Cambodia to the COSI Orphanage, near Phnom Penh. Our team bring lessons on music, science, language, art and English, as well as gifts that the 120 children there need. But most of all, we bring the gift of friendships to disadvantaged children. They don't have much, but are immensely happy - much more than us! Our technology addicted teens also come back realising that they it is indeed possible to live without the computer & handphone. Fresh from "cold turkey", they re-learn the art of making meaningful face-to-face conversations and playing games that do not require batteries. That can only be a good thing.
Needless to say, I always bring along a foldie. Having your own wheels offers a sense of freedom, especially in the exploration of Phnom Penh city and running errands. Its chaotic traffic is surprisingly easy to ride once you get used to it and drivers are generally quite tolerant and courteous. I have made a new friend, Stephen Yeo, who is the Principal of the Cambodian Methodist School and he comes from East Malaysia, Sibu. We were brought together by our love for cycling and I look forward to spending time with him on the saddle.

This time we are also visiting Battambang, the 2nd largest city situated up north where I will be looking at future humanitarian opportunities together with my wife's Physiotherapy team. I look forward to capturing some nice photos of the old French colonial mansions there with my new Canon IS650 camera.

Can't wait! But alas, my perennial problem - which folder should I bring? The Brompton is a good choice as it packs very well (no disassembly required) but so does my Tikit, Dahon Speed 8 and the Carry Me. But since my Tikit got to go the last time, it will have to stay at home and give its other siblings a chance...
Bicycle parenting can be difficult! Sigh.

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