Friday, December 21, 2007

The greatest homestay in the world!

Imagine waking up each day to the beautiful laughter of children playing, singing with the purity and power of 120 voices, sharing a simple meal with so many little friends, enjoying an exciting heart-pounding water bomb fight, cheering and shouting together for our soccer team in the hot sun - these are just a small slice of the many special moments of our 3 days at COSI Orphanage. If ever there is a representation of heaven on earth, this must be it. Words cannot describe this experience!

I was thrilled to re-connect with my "daughters" Sinat, Sophorn & Bopha and so many other lovely children. To see them grow each year in character, spirit and body brings great joy to my heart. Though they do not have much materially compared to us, they are so rich in every sense of the word in terms of relationships and happiness. They showed their love for us in many different ways. William, one of our Youth, got his feet washed after an outing to a dusty village by a small boy. Many of our ladies got their hair beautifully tied up and decorated with fresh flowers. The kids were ever so willing to dance and sing for us, and learnt new songs we taught them like sponges.

Each child gave us their gift of priceless friendship - evident in the numerous letters and cards they poured upon our team especially when it was time to say goodbye. Many of us cried when we finally had to say goodbye and it was so difficult. I kept telling the kids that I will NOT say farewell for I shall be back, sooner than later.

These children are special. We have learned so much from them, and our hearts are deeply touched. No wonder Jesus said that when we receive these children, we receive Him. I finally understood that!

I look forward to seeing them again in 2008, Deo Volente.