Friday, December 7, 2007

Packed to go!

There are foldies and there are foldies. I have forgotten how compact the Brompton is - it fits straight into this 31" suitcase just like that. I keep it in a DIMPA (available from Ikea at under $10) to ensure it is dust-free when in hibernation. This Morris Minor of a bicycle, cream colour and all is 5 years old but still looks as good as new.

Note how much more space there is left in my suitcase (where the helmet is). My clothes for 2 weeks will fit easily inside with room to spare. This will be Brompy's 2nd trip to Cambodia and I'm sure she is excited. Last year same time, she took part in the 1st Angkor Wat Bike race, and came in 9th among big wheeled bikes.

I will be taking along a Carry Me as well for the wifey or son.

"All my bags are packed, and I'm ready to go..."

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ChrisW said...

That case looks mighty familiar. Wonder who left the 'free range eggs decal' Looks west Australian too.