Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I can't believe I crashed!

Having just cleaned my road rash on my elbow and shin, and icing a sprained toe, I'm still in the state of disbelief. I have travelled to all sorts of far away and menacing places unscathed. How did a simple golf-ball size fruit throw me off? And at all places, East Coast Park - playground for children and novice bike riders. Talk about a humbling experience.

This morning's ride was organised for Patrick and Justina (Dahon owner), new friends from Perth Australia who are visiting. Pat, like me, has a serious bike addiction problem and has 8, maybe more. He is an all weather roadie and rides a fixie. He is also a fellow Bike Friday rider (Pocket Pro) and wanted to test my collection of folders. His new job required him to travel so he needed a bike that he could take along.

So it was a most intriguing morning, exchanging views and experiences. We were talking about Stelvio tires - at how fast they are. At 120psi, they are about the fastest tires available for foldies and my Speed Pro has them standard. They are also quite fragile, susceptable to cuts etc but hi performance always have cost. There we were, chatting riding side by side at a leisurely 20km/h, when I did not notice those golf-ball fruits (plenty just opposite the Changi Airport runway section). They did not have much effect on Big Apples (went over them last week with no issue) so I was riding nonchalantly when before I knew it, I was up in the air and landed on my back. I could feel my helmet hit the ground hard and I knew I was in trouble.

Thanks to safety gear, I rode away only with some bruises and sprains. Helmet cracked, Bike Friday jersey torn, gloves sandpapered but bike ok. Keong, who rode behind me, saw first hand how it all happened. He was impressed with my "smooth" fall (several motorcycle accidents, you get the hang of it). The importance of wearing safety gear was tattooed on his chest today, forever. And indeed, on all of us!

I still can't believe I crashed... but thank God for His care and protection :)
If the Lord delights in a man's way, he makes his steps firm.
Though he should stumble, he will not fall Psalm 37:23,24


Brian and I'Ching said...

Aiyoh - please be careful!

ChrisW said...

Rest and get well soon!

Silver lining : Good excuse to get a new helmet.

wxl said...

It's funny how much time/skin you can save with "slow" tires. I couldn't have said it better than Yehuda Moon.

Oldyonfoldy said...

Thks Walter, those cartoons are hilarious! Case of going "faster" but going slower indeed.