Saturday, July 12, 2008

OSIM Tri - a tribute to supporters

Proud Mom

" Bruce Willis" Dad & dog - cheering his kid on!

Why do a Tri? Because it helps the triathlete to develop life-skills in strategy, perseverence, endurance, grace, humility and achievement. But more than these, a successful Tri participant quickly learns he can't do it alone. He knows he needs strong support from family and friends.

I saw plenty of parents, family and friends just encouraging, coaching, helping, feeding and cheering that day. It was a beautiful sight to see parents expressing their love for their kids. Even the Malaysian King was there to support his son, who took part for the first time. There are no losers here, everyone is truly a winner and that makes Tri so fun!

A tribute to supporters indeed. And yes, some foldies were there too.

Mike, proud father of Bryan, with a Dahon Easy 6

Carry Me - Excellent transport to faraway carparks

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