Saturday, July 19, 2008

The world's best commuter bike + chick magnet

I had to meet my wife today in the city and instead of getting stucked with two cars, I decided to use the Carry Me in conjunction with the bus. Its 8kg weight plus super compact stroller size made for the easiest handling. Beats Brompton and Strida hands down for this type of use. Truly sui generis in design! Perfect for 2-3 km commutes.
The Carry Me also caught the attention of two young American ladies at the bus stop. They approached me and asked the usual questions about the Carry Me. One of the cute ladies offered to take a photo of the bike and I.
Here's the proof. Don't worry honey, its the bike they were interested in :)

The world's best bike for going up buses and trains + chick magnet!

*My cheeky friend ChrisW, in the comments column, called for photo evidence that the CM (Chick Magnet) attracts. I don't have those pics of the bus stop ladies unfortunately but here is Audrey Hepburn "Senior" admiring my other CM in Chiang Mai,Thailand recently. Not quite a chick but hope that counts too?


Shamiko Design said...

This has such small tires... can it really go fast?

Oldyonfoldy said...

Its not going to break any speed records but its fast enough. Able to cruise 18kmh easy. I rode it on a 40km trip before.

Read about it if you keen:

Brian and I'Ching said...

i beg to differ - how can they not find this asian boy charming???!!!

PencilDot said...

Grrr... why it did not happen to me. Only the uncle and ah pek ask me about my cm.

paul said...

Brudder can post this pic. on ? he he !

Oldyonfoldy said...

Hi Pencildot,

Must be Red color la! What color is yr CM?

ChrisW said...

Without photo evidence of the aforementioned pretty girls, doubts will be raised, with regard to the magnetism of the CM, as a chick magnet!