Thursday, December 31, 2009

Awe-some 2010!

My new awesome young friend, Lynette from Penang!

Welcome to a brand new year! 365 brand new days ahead of us given by our Creator like daily presents* to be opened, enjoyed and lived. I don't know about you but being a mid-lifer, day to day living can sometimes be mundane and routine.

That is why I really look forward to my cycling adventures or even just short rides. Being out in the open to enjoy the elements of nature and its beauty never fail to bring a sense of awe to my heart.

Being in awe wherever we are and whatever we do, just like a curious child, is important because there is so much to learn, to discover and to experience from life.
May you have a truly awe-some 2010!

*Wise words from Rev Dr Mark Chan at Watchnight Service yesterday.

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