Sunday, December 27, 2009

Looping Langkawi

We were glad to leave tourist infested Cenang Beach and we made our way up north, pass the airport and towards the Cable Car attraction. It was nice to fly on our Fridays along the quiet roads and it took us only 30 mins to pass the airport.

Our first drink stop was at a fresh coconut stall where served with ice, the juice was most refreshing. Mike showed off his Gasing skill (a malay top), something which he played with as a child and it was most impressive.

The north west part of Langkawi is much nicer than Cenang with hills, rainforest and beaches. Being super peak, the wait for the cable car ride was 2 hours and looking at the snake line of tourists, we jumped on our saddles and rode off.

Tanjong Rhu is said to have the best beaches in Langkawi and we were not disappointed.

We found a fruit/drink stall under some shady trees and took shelter from the blazing noon sun. There, our Fridays attracted the attention of a young German couple and we had fun chatting with them.

As its not a good idea to cycle in the heat, we rested and had a short siesta till 3pm where we made our way to the main town Kuah.

The ride there was pleasant enough and we rode into Kuah at about 5pm. Its a quiet town by the sea and we managed to find a gem of a brand new hotel called D'Baron. We met the sales manager who was impressed with our bikes and we got talking about organising rides here. Our very spacious room was great!

It also had a breathtaking sea view and we saw the magnificent sunset. All this for US$45 only!

Dinner was a lavish chinese one and we loaded up on duty free beer, at an unbelievable US60-90 cents per can! I think we will sleep very well tonight, at least my legs will. A glorious day indeed looping most of Langkawi.

A conferred native - When we checked out, I presented my receipt to get my key deposit back only to be confronted by the recep, "Sir, are you Mohamad Ilham?" Apparently, during checking in, I was registered under this name which I didn't noticed. I looked at my receipt and yes, that was the name written on both my receipts. I still can't figure how I became a "Mohd" that day...

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