Sunday, November 25, 2012

The perfect way to Cafe

Ken and I tried a new cafe today at Lake St, Perth called Tarts - Gourmet foods. We took the opportunity to go there after running an errand in the city. On our Prodeco e-foldies, we arrived in the city fresh and took only 30 mins. We enjoyed just letting the motor do all the work as I was feeling a bit tired after a full on weekend, and the journey to the city is always so beautiful.

At one intersection in the city, a guy on a bike pulled beside Ken and shouted "I'm sticking with you!' unsure if he was friendly or just being funny. We could see he was trying to keep up when we darted off, huffing and puffing away, and he shouted "Wait for me!" But we had a bad feeling about this and did not hang around to find out.

Tarts Cafe is one of many lovely European style cafes in the city. It will take us a long time to explore each one, but we are not on a schedule. The kind waitress told us that if we "liked" them on Facebook, we could get free tarts. So always game for free stuff, we got online only to discover that our reward is possibly the world's smallest tart!

Well, at least the service was bright and cheery and we could park our bikes right beside our table. Some folks came over to admire our e-foldies and I reckon this is the perfect way to explore any cafe.

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