Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pootling around Malacca on 8" wheels

Its the summer hols in Australia and that means hello to horribly scorched days of nearly 40C at times. This is probably the only part of the year when being in Asia can actually be cooler!

One of my fav cities in this region is the historical town of Malacca in West Malaysia. It has recently been awarded the Unesco World Heritage status and for good reasons. Its unique and eclectic history of Portuguese, Dutch and British plus Malay, Chinese and Peranakan roots make Malacca truly a most fascinating place in terms of architecture, culture and food. I've been here more than 10 times and always discover new things that fascinates. Malacca truly is like a living museum.

I took the opportunity to take a short holiday there with my 2 Carry Me foldies. They fitted into the tiny boot of the little Yaris hatch and with room for 4 of us plus luggage.
Despite the ongoing claims of the Brompton being the smallest fold, the CMs are truly in a class of its own here. It was exceptionally fun using the bikes for our early morning photography exploration ride.

A group of Senior Citizens were practising sunrise Tai-Chi near the Portuguese Fort when we whizzed by. Some elderly ladies were drawn to our cute bikes and they asked for a joy ride much to our amusement. They kept telling us to keep a close eye on our bikes as they would be nicked in no time if left alone!

Using the CMs, the town of Malacca was instantly shrunk to 5 mins riding any direction and we could discover new eating places with no effort. We ended up at a coffeeshop for breakfast, it sold Chris's fav meal - Wanton Mee. It was US$.75 a bowl which thrilled us to no end.

Indeed, we indulged in all the culinary delights that Malacca offered and like all our bike trips, we over ate!

But somehow, we didnt feel too much guilt as we did some work on the saddle.

Malacca is about 220km north of Singapore and is an easy 3 hour drive on world class highways.

One particular boutique hotel that caught our eye was the Courtyard @ the Heeren. We are already planning another trip to Malacca next month, with foldies in tow of course...


angkana said...

wow, you can write a very nice story that makes me feel like going back + your photos are wonderful. I love your photos especially the one on the street in the evening with the light on and all the food shots. Magnificent!

Oldyonfoldy said...

Thks Angkana. Wishing you a wonderful trip to Germany! See you when you come back :) Blessed Christmas.

Shamiko Design said...

Your photos are just excellent! Very well taken indeed. I am very proud of you.